Advanced Fire Fighting - AFF

The aim of the Advanced Fire Fighting - AFF course is to practise and improve the fire-fighting skills of the course participant. The participant will acquire knowledge and skills in taking charge of fire-fighting abroad vessels, learn how to organise and conduct firefighting drills and perform inspections and maintenance of fire detection - and fire extinguishing equipment and -systems. The participant will learn how to contain, control and prevent fires as well as how to investigate and report incidents.

Course content

Concerning the preparation, planning (contingency plans) and organisation of fire-fighting abroad vessels, specific attention will be paid to:

  • Allocation of tasks and responsibilities
  • Communication
  • Leadership in  fire-fighting
  • Reconnaissance/assessment of the situation/decion-making
  • Cooperation with port/shore authorities and shore-based fire-fighting services
  • Fire-fighting with regard to hazardous materials
  • Techniques for optimal tactical venting control
  • Latest development in fire-extinguishing materials and techniques
  • Analysis of fire incidents abroad vessels
  • Practical drills with regard to leadership roles in firefighting (overall command or command of a smaller fire-fighting crew) and proper execution fo fire-fighting procedures
  • Maintenance management for fire-fighting and detection equipment


The course is certified by ILT (Dutch Government Supervisory Body for Environment and Transport) and complies with the STCW Manila Amendments.

Course information

Target group:
All maritime personnel involved in fire-fighting aboard vessels and/or who are part of an emergency response team (rescue and fire-fighting personnel). The AFF course is mandatory for all maritime officers in accordance with STCW’78, section A-VI/3.
Conditions for participation:
Participant must have a valid medical examination, a valid Basic Safety or Basic Safety refresher certificate.
Course duration:
4 consecutive days.
Theoretical part: Bornholmstraat next to nr. 16, 9723 AX Groningen. Practical part: Weegbrugweg 4, 9418 TS Wijster.
Max. nr. of participants:
12 Persons
When the exam is passed the STCW certificate will be handed out and the Seamansbook is signed and stamped.
Validity certificate:
5 years
This course has to be repeated every 5 years.
Bring along:
Passport, Seamansbook, copy of certificates
Please provide the following documents digitally prior to the start of the course: a copy of a valid passport, copy of a valid medical examination and a copy of the Basic Safety training/Refresher certificate.


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