Marcom A

This course works on the maritime radio communication equipment, as described in the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System when in Sea Area A1 t/m A4 such as: VHF, MF, Sart, Navtex, hand radio, satellite communication equipment, SATCOM A,B,C.

To be able to make the prescribed radio connections in case of nautical, public, emergency – distress – and safety communication, we work with real communication systems and / or interactive simulation.

The exam consist of the following elements:

  • Theory exam
  • English exam
  • Operational skills assessment


Course information

Target group:
People using maritime radio equipment on board of ships. Depending on the communication equipment with which the ship is equipped, it is a necessity that these people own a Marcom A Certificate.
Conditions for participation:
No specific requirements for participation
Course duration:
5 consecutive days
Atoomweg 2H, 9743 AK Groningen / At location on demand
Max. nr. of participants:
20 Persons
When the course is passed, the certificate Marcom A will be handed out and the Seamansbook is signed and stamped.
Validity certificate:
exam by Agentschap Telecom
Bring along:
Passport and Seamansbook
Application for this course can be sent at latest 2 weeks in advance of the course.


dec 3, 2018
dec 7, 2018
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Per person, excluding VAT. Including coffee, tea, lunch and materials.
feb 4, 2019
feb 8, 2019
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apr 1, 2019
apr 5, 2019
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sep 9, 2019
sep 13, 2019
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okt 21, 2019
okt 25, 2019
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dec 9, 2019
dec 13, 2019
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