NOGEPA 1.4 Measuring gas

The course NOGEPA 1.4 Gas measurement is meant for anyone who has to measure the atmosphere at suspicious workplaces and also for their managers, supervisors and the providers of work permits. The course participant learns in theory and practice how the composition of air on a workplace should effectively be measured. They are also taught how to give correct advice concerning the necessary safety precautions in order to work safely in the measured atmosphere; this advice is based on the outcomes of the measurement.

Theory of gas measuring strategies, measuring principles, procedures and rules; various kinds of measuring and detection equipment; interpreting data; appropriate action; safety precautions and personal safety products and practice by executing various assignments.


  • Safe working practices
  • How to measure gas
  • Different kinds of equipment
  • How to interpret the data and how to act
  • Protection during measuring gas

Course information

Target group:
This course is for people who have to measure gas before entering a space,
Conditions for participation:
No prior education required.
Course duration:
1 day
Weegbrugweg 4 9418 TS WIJSTER
Min. nr. of participants:
4 Persons
Max. nr. of participants:
12 Persons
Measuring Gas NOGEPA 1.4
Validity certificate:
4 years
Bring along:
ID (passport), Personal Safety Logbook (PSL), personal protection means (clothing, shoes, helmet, safety glasses).


NOGEPA 1.4 Measuring gas

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