Safe working in Confined Spaces

When looking at the facts from over the last years worldwide, it is clear that it is not entirely safe to enter in to confined spaces without being trained. Up until now people still get injured and in some cases end up death due to lack of awareness and training.

A quick Google search on ”Confined spaces accidents ” will get you numerous hits on fatalities on-board all types of vessels involving entry’s in to confined spaces resulting in death.

An important note is that the number of fatalities on board is much higher than the number of fatalities in land based scenarios involving enclosed spaces. Even though the amount of work carried out in a confined space ashore is much higher. How come? Awareness is the answer.

The first page of accidents on google is entirely filled with maritime accidents. It is clear that something needs to happen to lessen the amount of accidents regarding this subject.

In this course you will be trained to approach an enclosed space in a safe way.

Besides, this course will give you updated info on the current rules and regulations regarding the subject and it provides examples on how to work in confined spaces on paper, A valid work permit for example is crucial.

Course content

  • Working in enclosed spaces
  • Health risks
  • Communication
  • Ventilation methods
  • Dangers connected to working in confined spaces
  • Gas measuring/equipment used
  • Protection and tools used for safety

Course information

Target group:
Everybody who works or is going to work in enclosed/confined spaces. It is not safe to work in enclosed spaces without proper training.
Course duration:
1 day.
Weegbrugweg 4 9418 TS WIJSTER
Min. nr. of participants:
4 Persons
Max. nr. of participants:
8 Persons
Certificate Confined Spaces
Validity certificate:
3 years


Safe working in Confined Spaces
Safe working in Confined Spaces
Safe working in Confined Spaces

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