About liability, use of the website, copyright and other matters.

 1. Content

The author reserves the right not to be held responsible for the content, accuracy, comprehensiveness or quality of the information provided. Under no circumstances shall the author be liable for damages arising from disuse of the provided information and the use of faulty and incomplete information where there is no proof of the author’s intention or gross negligence. All offers on the website are provisional and subject to confirmation. The author reserves the right to modify, amend, and delete part of the pages or the overall offer without explicit announcement.

2. Copyright

The author makes every effort to respect copyrighted material, and if copyrighted material was used, to indicate the copyright. All trademarks are protected by third parties without restrictions are governed by the provisions of the responding copyright law in effect and the property rights of the respective registered owners. The copyright for all the material created by the author is reserved. Dissemination and use of objects such as diagrams, sounds or texts in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without the express permission of the author.

3. References and links

For direct and indirect links to other webpages (‘Links’) beyond the authors responsibility would become effective only when the author had been aware of contents and it would have been technically possible and reasonable for him to prevent utilization in case of illegal contents. The author herewith expressly declares that at the time of linking, no illegal contents on the pages to be linked were identifiable. Therefore herewith expressly dissociates himself from all contents of all linked pages, which have been modified after linking. The respective author of the linked page solely is responsible for illegal, faulty and incomplete contents and in particular damages arising from using or disusing such information, not the person referencing to the respective publication by links. This also applies to all links and references within the Internet web page and to external entries in guest books, discussion forums and mailing lists established by the author.

4. Personal data

When there is the possibility to enter personal or business data (e-mail addresses, names and addresses) , disclosure of this personal data by the user is expressly voluntarily. Where technically possible and reasonable, the utilization and payment of all services offered is permitted also without indication of such data or by sharing anonymous data or an alias. The use of entered post addresses, phone numbers, faxes numbers and email addresses for marketing purposes is strictly prohibited and infringement will be prosecuted.

5. Legal authenticity of the disclaimer

This disclaimer is part of the Internet publication that referred to the disclaimer. The validity and content of the rest of the disclaimer is not compromised when certain sections or individual subdivisions in this disclaimer are not legal or correct.

6. Email disclaimer

All email messages to and from NTTA are exclusively aimed at solicited addressees. However, if an e-mail has accidentally been sent to you, please contact info@ntta.nl immediately. In that respect we kindly request you to destroy the e-mail and to not use the content of the e-mail in any way. Presenting the email to third parties is not permitted since the message can contain confidential information that is protected by legal professional privilege. Every addressee has to be aware of the fact that the terms and conditions by NTTA are valid for any products or services provided by NTTA. Internet-email is exposed to risk and NTTA is not liable for any damages resulted by the use of Internet e-mail.


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