Radar Navigator at Operational Level - RNOL

The course is meant to obtain the certificate Radar Navigation at Operational Level (previously radar observer).

During this course, participants gain fundamental knowledge about the use and operation of the radar equipment.

Additionally, one gains understand in provisions preventing collisions at sea regarding navigating with a radar.


  • Radar navigation in general
  • ARPA and plotting techniques
  • Adjusting, observing and applying the radar image
  • Interpreting Radar Presentations – RM (Nup/Heading-up) – TM.
  • Connecting the Radar to different navigation system (gyrocompass – GPS)
  • Automatic Identification System (AIS)
  • Distance discernment ability (AOV)
  • Level discernment ability (POV)
  • Parallel Index Tracking
  • Understanding provisions preventing collisions at sea.

Course information

Target group:
People with a radar for navigation at the sae.
Conditions for participation:
No specific requirements for participation
Course duration:
4 consecutive days.
Atoomweg 2H, 9743 AK Groningen
Min. nr. of participants:
4 Persons
Max. nr. of participants:
8 Persons
When the course is passed, the certificate Radar Navigator at Operational will be handed out and the Seamansbook is signed and stamped.
Validity certificate:
Course dates upon request
Bring along:
Passport and Seamansbook


Mar 11, 2019
Mar 14, 2019
831 .00
Per person, excluding VAT. Including coffee, tea, lunch and materials.
Nov 25, 2019
Nov 28, 2019
831 .00
Per person, excluding VAT. Including coffee, tea, lunch and materials.

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