Combi Refresher AFF - BST

The Combi Refresher AFF-BST is a combination of the courses Advanced Fire Fighting Refresher en Basic Safety Training Refresher.

For more information about the individual coursees, please go to the course description of the AFF Refresher of BST Refresher.

Course information

Target group:
De Basic Safety Training BST is required for everybody who works on board seagoing vessels and the Advanced Fire Fighting AFF is a requirement for seafarers that are part of the Emergency Response team on board of a ship.
Conditions for participation:
Participant must have a valid medical examination, a valid passport a valid Advanced Fire Fighting certificate and a certificate of competency or Basic Safety or Basic Safety refresher certificate.
Course duration:
3 consecutive days.
Theory part: Bornholmstraat next to number 16, 9723 AX Groningen. Practical part: Weegbrugweg 4, 9418 TS Wijster
Min. nr. of participants:
6 Persons
Max. nr. of participants:
12 Persons
When the exam is passed the STCW certificates will be handed out and the Seamansbook is signed and stamped.
Validity certificate:
5 years
This course has to be repeated every 5 years. Available course dates on request.
Bring along:
Passport, Seamansbook, copy of certificates
Please provide the following documents digitally prior to the start of the course: a copy of a valid passport, copy of a valid medical examination, and a copy of the Advanced Fire Fighting training/Refresher certificate and the Basic Safety training/Refresher certificate.


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