Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boats


This course (based on subjects from the IMO Model course 1.23) covers training in the mandatory minimum requirements for the issue of certificates of proficiency in survival craft as specified in section A-VI/2-1 of the STCW Code.This course aims to provide the training for candidates to launch and take charge of a survival craft or rescue boat in emergency situations.

After taking part in this course, the participant will be competent to operate life-saving appliances and take charge of a survival craft or rescue boat during or after launch. The participant will also be able to operate a survival craft engine and manage survivors and survival craft after abandoning ship. The participant will know the correct use of all locating devices, including communication- and signalling apparatus and pyrotechnics, how to apply first aid to survivors and the actions to take to preserve the lives of those in their charge.


  • Checking the various survival crafts.
  • Taking charge on board a lifeboat, launching and operating the rescue boat
  • Launching rafts from a davit system
  • Dealing with means of communication, EPIRB, SART and distress signals
  • Survival at sea
  • Picking up drowning persons
  • First aid to survivors

This course has been certified by ILT and meets the STCW Manila Amendments.

Course information

Target group:
Everyone who is assigned to the duty of a crew member on board a rescue boat or survival craft of a ship.
Conditions for participation:
Participant must be in posession of a valid medical examination and a Basic Safety Training Certificate. Knowledge of the Dutch and/or English language is required.
Course duration:
4 days
Bornholmstraat adjacent to no.16, 9723 AX Groningen.
Min. nr. of participants:
4 Persons
Max. nr. of participants:
12 Persons
When the course is passed, the STCW certificate Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats, other than Fast Rescue Boats will be handed out and the Seamansbook is signed and stamped.
Validity certificate:
5 years
To be refreshed every 5 years
Bring along:
Passport and Seamansbook.
Please provide the following documents digitally prior to the start of the course: a copy of a valid medical examination and a copyBasic Safety training/Refresher certificate.


May 6, 2019
May 9, 2019
1024 .00
Per person, excluding VAT. Including coffee, tea, lunch and materials.

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